Application of gas-liquid two-phase separator in natural gas wellhead

Author: Runcheng pe  Time: 2020-08-21 15:57:01
Gas-liquid separator is mainly used to separate gas-liquid mixture in the process, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas treatment and other industries. The gas-liquid two-phase separator is generally used when only the gas and liquid are required to be separated. Separator is divided into horizontal and vertical, horizontal is conducive to the treatment of large amounts of liquid, vertical is conducive to the treatment of large amounts of gas.
With the acceleration of the oil-gas transformation project, the demand for gas well separator increases, and our company has been constantly improving the design and manufacturing of gas well separator. So far, we have accumulated 16 years of rich experience. The three - phase separator and two - phase separator produced by our company have been widely used in oil and gas fields at home and abroad.
We all know that natural gas will carry a lot of impurities when it is extracted, and it must be separated by gas and liquid to meet the gathering and transportation standards, otherwise it will cause blockage or corrosion to the gas pipeline and downstream equipment. The skid-mounted gas-liquid two-phase separator produced by our company solves the problems of poor separation effect, environmental pollution and disassembly inconvenience of traditional devices, and brings good economic benefits to users.
On the basis of absorbing the advantages of similar foreign products, Luoyang Runcheng has adopted a number of independently developed new technologies. After more than ten years of application and continuous improvement, our gas-liquid separator has won unanimous praise from customers in terms of product quality, energy saving, consumption reduction, investment reduction and technical service.
Our ground testing equipment has excellent cost performance, covering 80%~90% of domestic oil fields and widely used in gas fields. We are dedicated to serve every user and welcome new and old customers to consult and negotiate business.