Luoyang Runcheng Petrochemical Equipment Sulfur-proof and acid-proof three-phase separator to provide support for sulfur Wells

Author: Runcheng pe  Time: 2020-08-21 15:55:09
In the previous oil field exploration and test process, the surface test equipment was not acid-proof, and the strong acid flow would cause serious hole erosion, cracks and delamination to the equipment, leading to safety accidents such as high-pressure leakage, fire and explosion, poisoning and casualties of personnel, and the direct discharge of high acid liquid would also cause serious pollution to the environment.
In order to solve this problem, our technical team used special steel and composite materials, as well as new heat treatment and special welding technology to manufacture the sulfur-proof and acid-proof three-phase separation metering device. Combined with the on-line monitoring technology of acid concentration and hydrogen sulfide content, this device can monitor the acid concentration of fluid at any time, which greatly improves the safe and environmental protection operation level of acid fluid Wells and high hydrogen sulfide Wells. Its sulfur proof level can reach FF level, with a daily treatment fluid volume of 2,000 m and a natural gas volume of 1.6 million m, which can effectively avoid safety and environmental accidents caused by corrosion of acidic fluids on the ground test equipment.
If you are looking for ground test equipment for high sulfur oil and gas Wells, Luoyang Runcheng is your first choice. We have 15 years of manufacturing and export experience, all products are certified by ASEM, in full compliance with international standards.
Our high pressure connection pipes, emergency shut down system, ground data head, nozzle manifold, the emergency pressure relief valve, steam heat exchanger, three-phase separator, buffer tank, tank, burner and online data acquisition system can be used, can also be a separate custom, our team of engineers will be according to your operating conditions to develop the most appropriate solution.