Three-phase Separator


Accurate, safe separation and measurement of oil,gas and water from well effluent.
Uninterrupted operation from begginning to end.
Product introduction

Three-phase Separator is a technically advanced instrumented pressure vessel designed to efficiently separate well effluent into oil, gas and water,and accurately measure the flowrate of them separately. Depending on operator's strategy, it can be either two-phase(Liquid & Gas) or three-phase(Oil, Water & Gas) and depending on the vessel orientation it can be vertical or horizontal. According to the structure,it can also be classified into separated separators mainly consisting of heating skid and separating skid and integrated separators which is the integration of heating, separation, measurement, control and other units. Our three-phase separator adopts advanced technologies of effective separation,throttling,automatic control,comprehensive anti corrosion and skid-mounted structure,and has the characteristics of high separating effeciency,high automation,stability,high measurement precision and accurate data details.The Integrated three-pahse separator has advantages of simple operation,small size, light weight, easy to move and install, especially adaptable for oil or gas field with harsh environment such as mountainous areas,deserts,sea ect. 

Excellent performance
Accurate, safe separation and measurement of oil,gas and water from well effluent.
Uninterrupted operation from begginning to end.
Skid mounted for easy transport
Suitable for sour services;
Electronic data acquisition.
High automation and high measurement precision
Stability,accurate data details
Double safety devices:rupture disk and spring safety valve
Equipped with automatic control system and integrated choke manifold system, easy to operate
The parameters alarms by sound and light
Automatically generate reports
Clear curves of temperature, pressure, flow rate
Imported Burton recorder,Daniel orifice-plate flowmeter, and Fisher automatic control valve 
Technical Parameters
Design pressure max: 9.8MPa(1400psi)
Normal operating pressure max:<9.0MPa(??psi)
Design temperature max: 80℃
Liquid process capacity: ≤300m³/d
Inlet pressure: 32.0MPa(4640psi)
Inlet temperature: ≥10℃(50°F)
Processing medium: crude oil, water, associated gas mixture
Safety valve set pressure:7.5MPa(HP)(1088psi)、1.3MPa(LP)(200psi)
Rupture disk set pressure:9.4MPa(1363psi)
Gas flow measure precision: ±1%
Liquid content in gas: ≤13mg/Nm³
Oil content in water: ≤180mg/L
Water content in oil: ≤0.5%
Power supply: 220VAC,100W
Crude oil physical property: viscosity (50℃); 5.56Mpa·S; crude oil density(20℃):0.86;
Gas-Oil Ratio: >150;
Technical / Parameters/Model Gas processing capacity (×104 N m³/day) Liquid processing capacity 
Structure Monitoring mode Dimension(M) Total 
HCS25/50 25 50 Integrated IPC control 7.2×2.2×2.4 11.2
HCS25/100 25 100 Integrated IPC control 7.4×2.2×2.4 11.5
HCS30/50 30 50 Integrated IPC control 7.5×2.2×2.4 12.1
HCS30/100 30 100 Integrated IPC control 7.6×2.2×2.4 12.5
HCS50/50 50 50 Integrated IPC control 8.1×2.2×2.4 13.5
HCS50/100 50 100 Integrated IPC control 8.6×2.2×2.4 13.8
HCS30/2B 30 200 Separated IPC control customization 14.9
HCS50/2B 50 200 Separated IPC control customization 15.8
HCS30/3B 30 300 Separated IPC control customization 16.4
HCS50/3B 50 300 Separated IPC control customization 17.9
HCF-X <30 >300 Separated IPC control special design  


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