Notes for installation HP double cylinder desander

Author: Runcheng pe  Time: 2020-08-21 16:26:14
Our high pressure dual tube desander is made according to the screening principle of solid particles in the fluid when rotating in the desander. It integrates cyclone and filtration into one. It has remarkable effects in the petrochemical field, such as well head desander, turbidity reduction and solid-liquid separation.
Our company double - barrel filter sand removal equipment has mature, compact and simple design characteristics. It has been widely used in oil and gas fields at home and abroad.
Notes for installation of high pressure dual barrel desander
1. The equipment shall be installed in the form of by-pass to meet the needs of maintenance of the equipment and cleaning of the filter body under the state of not stopping. 2. Do not open the device for a long time in the state of no water.
3. Equipment operation:
(1) Blowdown rate: When the pressure difference of inlet and outlet reaches 0.03-0.06mpa (or according to the pressure difference set by the system), backwash shall be carried out. When water quality is poor or the new system is used for the first time, backwash for 1-2 minutes every 8 hours. After normal operation, it depends on the water quality.
(2) Backwash: open the by-pass valve and sewage valve, close the inlet valve of the equipment, and flush the filter body with water flow back to clean the filter body. The backwash time depends on the water quality, usually 10-30 seconds.
(3) For systems with severe pollution, a short-cycle high-frequency backwash process should be adopted. When the inlet pressure is lower than 0.25mpa, a separate backwash pump should be set to increase the backwash strength and increase the discharge amount.
(4) Return to the working state.
A: Close the blowdown valve;
B: Open the inlet valve and close the bypass valve.
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