Luoyang Runcheng Petrochemical Equipment designs three-phase gas separators for customers in India

Author: Runcheng pe  Time: 2020-08-21 16:19:52
Luoyang Runcheng Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd
Recently, Luoyang Runcheng Petrochemical received the inquiry of three-phase gas separator from the Indian customer. After many times of communication, the customer's basic requirements and product parameters have been confirmed. At present, our company's engineers and technicians are working out the product design scheme for the customer.
Data show that India's top leaders have made a number of policies to encourage more domestic gas production in order to meet the growing demand for natural gas from consumers and reduce imports. This has led some natural gas energy companies to increase production of natural gas, providing runcheng petrochemical with a rare opportunity to further expand its business in India.
Gas three-phase separator is mainly used in natural gas field, it has to do with the biggest difference between the use of separator on the oil field at present, lies in the lower part of the original separator liquid is isolated from the oil-water mixture, and the lower part of the three-phase separator is to water and light oil completely separated, out of separator tank of no water in the oil, from the water out of the water in the warehouse without oil, separation effect is good.
The three-phase gas separator is composed of a shell, a collecting plate, a funnel, a weir pipe, a separator for oil and water silo, a separation oil pipe, a trap net, an overflow oil pipe and a bottom plate. The skid-mounted structure is easy to install and operate with small limitation on working conditions. It can also be normally used in harsh deserts, mountainous areas and oceans.
Luoyang Runcheng in the petrochemical industry standing for many years, the company's strong technical force, rich engineering experience, for the oil and gas field for a long time to supply ground test measuring equipment. In the process of development, the company keeps studying and innovating on oil and gas field surface testing technology and equipment manufacturing technology, which enables the company to solve various well testing problems. Can provide customized solutions for customers. And gradually formed a three-phase separator as the core of the diversified product system, has a very good reputation and high market share in the industry.
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